09:51 PM

Students Talk Trash at Environmental Teach-In

We all know what it's like to have too much stuff. Cluttered desks, messy rooms and overflowing waste bins are commonplace in our society today.

The UHD Student Government Association and the Environmental Club are hosting Eco-Quest, a series of teach-ins focused on sustainability issues, to bring awareness to the UHD community. The groups held "Recycling: Our Fascination with Throwing Away Stuff," Thursday, Sept. 29, in the Cullen Robertson Auditorium and focused on how people are literally trashing our planet.

The clubs discussed the causes and effects of being a throw-away society and how this affects businesses, societies, consumers and the planet. They also brainstormed solutions that UHD can adopt, and also ways that students themselves can help.

Upcoming teach-ins will be announced as information becomes available.

For more information, contact Magdalena Hernandez at Maggie.magda1256@gmail.com.