13:13 PM

Students Step Back in Time at Printing Museum

Students in Assistant Professor Colin Dalton's Language and Literacy Development class, in the Department of Urban Education, recently enjoyed a day outside the classroom to explore the Museum of Printing History.

According to Dalton, the exhibits at the museum narrate the story of written communication and the ways printing has transformed our lives. The field trip linked classwork related to the history of children's literature and its growth due to the advent of printing. In addition to realizing the influence of printing on the spread of literacy throughout the world, the pre-service teachers scouted a potential field trip location for their future elementary and middle school students.

Urban Education student printing a copy of The Declaration of Independence on a 19th-century iron handpress. 

Museum of Printing History artist-in-residence, Charles Criner, assists UHD students in printing a sheet of the Gutenberg Bible on a replica of the wooden Gutenberg Press just as it was done in 1455.

Urban Education students and Assistant Professor Colin Dalton at the Museum of Printing History