06:27 PM

Students' Research Published in Biotechnology Journal

By: Mary Ann Cozza

Two UHD students recently had the honor of being published in the journal, "Biotechnology and Food Science."

The students Preeti Choudhary and Denise Montes conducted research in the summer of 2011 at the Technical University of Lodz, Poland, under the supervision of Dr. Stanislaw Wysocki, director, Institute of General Food Cehmistry, and Dr. Agnieszka Kowalska-Baron.

The article, "The effects of immobilization of the PVA films on the fluorescence and phosphorescence lifetime of indole and its derivatives," details the work of the students' summer research.

The abstract: This work is devoted to study how immobilization in the PVA films affects the fluorescence and phosphorescence lifetime of indole and its derivatives. The obtained results indicated that immobilization of the studied indoles in the PVA matrix, which leads to the increased microrigidity of the environment around the indole moiety, results in the increase of singlet and triplet excited state lifetime of the studied compounds. Most probably, the enhancement of the rigidity of the environment near the chromophore reduces the rates of the non-radiative deactivation pathways, which leads to the increase of excited state lifetimes of the studied compounds.