14:15 PM

Students Participate in Citizenship Month Soccer Showcase

Four members of the UHD men's and women's soccer club teams, Ruben Acosta, Thompson Antwi, Karen Mena and Daniela Solache, participated in the Citizenship Month Soccer Showcase on Nov. 17 at the Houston Amateur Sports Park.

The event featured an opening ceremony followed by an intercultural exchange with students from various countries and culminated with the participants playing in a soccer match. The students were presented with Citizenship Month Soccer Showcase trophies.

UHD is a proud, primary sponsor of Citizenship Month and Dr. Noel Bezette-Flores, executive director of the UHD Center for Public Service and Family Strengths, is a co-chair for the initiative.

UHD students Thompson Antwi (l) and Ruben Acosta (r).

Citizenship Soccer Month Showcase Trophy Citizenship Soccer Month Showcase Trophy