14:14 PM

Students Explore Allen's Landing with Seatronics


On May 25, University of Houston-Downtown research students and staff were given the opportunity to work with Seatronics to obtain information from neighboring waterway Buffalo Bayou. Previous data collected from the bayou allowed students to explore the body of water using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) provided by the Seatronics team. This vehicle allows for the collection of data and a view of the bayou's depths.

The ROV set up was very important as the Seatronics team had to make sure that all equipment worked properly. Once all of the equipment was set up and working to its fullest potential, students learned to manually drive the ROV as well as collect additional data from pin pointed locations in the bayou. Many of the locations that were selected to further explore consisted of groups of rock boulders, mud accumulation, and sand waves.

"It was a great learning experience for me as I had the opportunity to control the ROV through an autonomous software by the name "Seabyte", which navigates the machine by the click of a mouse," said student Raza Mir. "I had also learned how to control the ROV manually through a controller, which required much practice."