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Student Research Grants Available from Center for Plain English Research and Study

communicateThe Center for Plain English Research and Study (CPERS) at UHD invites all undergraduate students to apply for competitive student research grants. If awarded, you will:

  • receive a $500 award during the fall 2014 semester
  • work with a faculty member and conduct research exploring clear writing and communication practices
  • present your work at the UHD Student Research Conference in Spring 2015

Possible research studies will include, but will not be limited to, conducting interviews with plain language experts, distributing surveys to writing professionals, and analyzing current research on plain language.

To successfully complete the project, students must:

  • participate in an orientation meeting and select a research topic in August of 2014
  • conduct library and/or field research
  • meet with a faculty member twice a month to discuss your progress and share research findings
  • produce and revise drafts of your final research report and a poster presentation for the conference
  • write a final research report and submit a conference proposal to the Student Research Conference
  • take a survey reflecting on your research experience

To apply, submit the following materials electronically as a Word file to matveevan@uhd.edu by Monday, May 12, 2014:

  • Resume
  • A short 500-word letter addressed to the CPERS co-directors, Natalia Matveeva and Michelle Moosally, describing why you are interested in this opportunity

If you have any questions about this grant opportunity, email matveevan@uhd.edu.