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Student Profile: Rebecca Barbosa is Driven to Succeed

Rebecca Barbosa is a microbiology student in the Natural Sciences Department. Rebecca Barbosa is a microbiology student in the Natural Sciences Department.

Biochemistry junior Rebecca Barbosa was not your average high school student. Involved in nearly everything she had time for, Barbosa made straight As and played in the school orchestra all while graduating a year early. But while beginning preparations for the SAT in only her sophomore year, the question arose for Rebecca: what exactly do I want to do?

Barbosa didn't quite have the answer to this question - yet. She knew she wanted to be involved in science and eventually go to medical school. But there were many other pieces to the puzzle she needed to find before she could have the answer.

Barbosa's parents didn't graduate from college, so naturally there was a huge emphasis for her and her older sister to attend. Since the Barbosa sisters graduated high school at the same time, they both decided to attend UHD together.

After only her first few experiences on the beautiful downtown campus, UHD felt "inviting, encouraging and just like home" to Barbosa.

When asked about going to school in one of the nation's largest and most diverse downtown districts, Barbosa replied, "To me, it feels like you're more in the real world and one step closer to a career than at other campuses I've visited." She even revels in the fact that parking on campus has given her opportunities to ride the light rail to Reliant Park in the fall for Houston Texans football games and an array of different activities.

She credits the alluring nature she experienced to joining the Scholars Academy, an academically competitive program in the College of Science and Technology. Barbosa met several friendly, like-minded individuals of all ages, creeds and demographics.

Barbosa is doing everything in her power to achieve her dream of one day working as an emergency room doctor and claims UHD's professors are there guiding her every step of the way. She talked about the competiveness of medical schools in Texas and how the "knowledgeable and humble" staff have walked her through the grueling application.

Barbosa says UHD gives her the feeling that she's doing something great and not wasting her time or talent. "If you have nothing to lose… and you know you want something better out of life, then go for it."