13:30 PM

Student Develops App to Track Calories Burned While Climbing UHD Stairs

One computer and mathematical sciences student, Usman Tamanna, is taking his classroom knowledge and turning it into real-world experience - and helping the UHD community stay healthy in the process.

If you've ever wondered whether taking the stairs versus the elevators is really as effective as health-nuts claim it is - Usman Tamanna can help you find out. Tamanna, mentored by Assistant Professor Dvijesh Shastri, recently developed a mobile phone app - or application - that tracks the caloric consumption for climbing the stairs at UHD.

"FitSteps" is currently only available for the Android platform, although Tamanna hopes to one day make it iOS (Apple) compatible.

"I think I will work to improve the Android version first, make it dynamic so it does calculations as the user is in motion," Tamanna said of his immediate goals.

To begin using the app, users enter their height, weight, age and gender. Next, the UHD staircase and number of floors traversed is entered. Note, each staircase is identified with a picture for easy selection. A total number of daily calories is tracked to help users see their progress. There is also a graph that allows users to see their average stair-climbing calories per day for the current month. To view this app in action, click here.

"Mobile development is actually the main reason I got into computer science. I would love to develop mobile apps professionally once I graduate. I think it's an extremely rewarding field because you can virtually develop anything for mobile devices nowadays," Tamanna said.

This project and research was supported by the National Science Foundation's Computing Alliance for Hispanic-Serving Institutions (CAHSI) Grant.

Check out the app on Google Play.