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Student Adds Entrepreneur and Inventor to Resume

By: Mary Ann Cozza

"Necessity is the mother of invention" - anonymous

1307 Hopkins Park Drive, Houston, TX 77094 281.660.5532Business student Cheston Syma can relate to this sentiment. He recently invented and applied for a patent for a handy device that has made his life much simpler. Syma said he came up with the idea for his Credit Card Caddie while walking to the gym. When he couldn't open the door because his hands were full - the idea was born.

The Credit Card Caddie is a piece of powder-coated metal that attaches to the back of his cell phone and integrates credit cards, cash and other card-like necessities into one, easy-to-carry item.

Syma said, "It's easier to be accountable for one item, rather than multiple. I couldn't find anything like this on the market, so I decided to make it myself."

He created a design that is slim, inconspicuous and has additional slots for cash. It attaches to cell phones with 3M adhesive specifically designed for plastic to metal bonding.

"We're becoming an increasingly paperless society," Syma said. "This is great for guys who want to get rid of their bulky wallets and for ladies who want to downsize from purses."

While he has always been entrepreneurial, he's owned several franchised businesses, Syma credits some of his success to UHD's William Dudley, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship in the College of Business. Syma was enrolled in Dudley's entrepreneurial course during the Caddie's creation and he often went to the professional for advice.

"Many of my students enrich the class by sharing their real-life business experience. It's no exaggeration to say that this is something you don't find at other universities. Not only does Cheston's experience go way beyond business but I have no doubt that his action-oriented approach will lead to entrepreneurial success. I'd buy stock in him if I could," said Dudley.

Syma's next steps are to work on creating appealing packaging, with help from Dudley, and hope word-of-mouth continues to increase his customer base.

To view the Credit Card Caddie, visit the website here.

Inserting cards into the Credit Card Caddie. Inserting cards into the Credit Card Caddie.

The Credit Card Caddie, right, beside a cell phone. The Credit Card Caddie, right, beside a cell phone.