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Student Actors Shine in O'Kane Presentation of 'Little Shop of Horrors'

The O'Kane Theatre's presentation of "Little Shop of Horrors" was entertaining and comical from start to finish. With catchy lyrics and toe-tapping cadences, this adaptation of the 1982 off-Broadway musical hit produced the kind of hit songs that linger in your head long after the final note. Featuring a flesh-eating plant from outer space, a talented cast and a wild and witty script, "Little Shop of Horrors" offered countless delights that kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

The cast and crew of students showed expert skill both on and off the stage. The technical presentation included a rapidly burgeoning mutant plant prop, a true-to-life set and smooth theatrical transitions. Viewers enjoyed singing along to peppy 1950's doo-wop numbers and quoting classic lines from the cult favorite.

Jordi Viscarri shined as a charming Seymour, the gardening geek who works tirelessly in an unsuccessful Skid Row floral shop owned by Mr. Mushnik (played by Ruben Pabon), a domineering and troubling boss who always shouts and never smiles. The show also starred Lydia Jackson as Audrey, the endearing, hopelessly romantic sales clerk with an unbelievable singing voice, and Gabriel Monroe as Orin, sadistic, maniacal dentist and Audrey's boyfriend.

The iconic Audrey II - a man-eating plant with an attitude voiced by Deonte Jones - injected each performance with snarky humor and dark comedy which paired well with the sassy ditties sung by Crystal (Perla Ramirez), Ronnette (Ashley White) and Chiffon (Teria Millhouse).

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Little Shop of Horrors Cast & Crew