06:40 PM

Staff Spotlight: The Multi-Tasking Master

UHD trivia question:

Who is the person who keeps Welcome Week running smoothly, oversees 60+ student organizations, coordinates multiple exciting annual on-campus events, makes the lounge a warm and welcoming place for students to relax and have fun, manages a mentoring program, teaches a course to freshmen students, AND received the UHD President's Choice Award in May of this year?

Answer: Michelle Falcon

Graduating from UHD on a Friday in May, 2002, Falcon started working at UHD the following Tuesday. During her college career, she became involved in on-campus groups and even served as Student Government Association president her senior year. Her leadership skills have been a boost to UHD and she now shares these skills with other students to help them evolve into true leaders.

Overseeing the Emerging Leaders Program, Falcon brings in guest presenters each month to speak to students, inspiring them to become responsible leaders. She oversees the African-American Male Mentoring Program, helping African-American male students complete college and pursue their dreams. Falcon also leads the one-hour-credit College Success Program on Tuesdays and Thursdays which teaches freshmen students how to be successful in college through time management, test-taking tips, setting goals, and showing them resources for academic support.

And Falcon doesn't stop there. She also coordinates the Fall Family Festival, Activities Day, One Main Event and Welcome Week. Between all of these responsibilities, she still manages to find time to have fun and enjoy her two young nephews.

And if this wasn't enough, she now plans to pursue law school. Fortunately for us, multi-tasking Falcon plans to attend school while continuing her responsibilities at UHD.