08:26 PM

Sports and Fitness Teaches About Being Active With a Busy Life

Courtesy of Sports and Fitness

UHD Sports & Fitness is hosting a workshop, "Fitness Tips for Busy People," from noon-1 pm in room N602.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires you to remember one thing - it's a lifestyle! The busier we become taking care of all the things in our lives (family, work, school, organizations, etc.), the harder it seems for most people to make time for their personal fitness. This workshop will give you tips and a sample monthly plan to serve as a guide for fitting your fitness plan into your busy schedule.

Reserve your spot TODAY! The workshop is FREE, refreshments will be served, and door prizes will be given out.

Visit http://www.uhd.edu/sportsandfitness/fitness/hafw/fitness-for-busy-people.html, call 713.221.8225 or stop by the Student Life Center Member Services counter to sign up.