09:53 AM

Sports and Fitness Specialty Classes Begin This Week

Sports & Fitness has announced the Fall 2014 schedule of specialty fitness classes. All courses are presented in a series of ten classes at a rate of $10 per series. See below for a listing of course descriptions. For scheduling and other information, visit the Student Life Center online or call 713-221-8225.

Hip Hop - It's hip hop, it's pop, it's a fusion of dance moves put to popular music of today and yesterday. The professional dancer teaching this class has made teaching from the soul an art form. The movements are broken down and constructed in a way that allows everyone to follow with ease.

Karate - This class is intended for the beginning martial arts student, but even more experienced individuals will also benefit from the repetition and focus on the fundamentals. Martial arts fundamentals include proper body alignment with weight distribution and breathing rhythm.

Latin Dance - Learn the art of dance influenced by Latin culture right here at UHD. Taught by a professional dance instructor, this 10-week course showcases Merengue and Salsa but incorporates other styles. This instructor will keep you moving while showing you the techniques you need to shine on the dance floor.

Popular Line Dancing - Learn the exciting new line dances practiced all over Houston and in every club. This instructor will break down the moves and show you how to shine among many while performing the line dances that are popular today.

Yoga - Yoga is a class the that involves mind-body connection which helps develop focus, balance, strength and flexibility. With each pose, the body grows stronger and more toned to function better on a daily basis. It is not just a form of exercise but a way of life. This class is designed to provide instructions on the basic yoga methods, breathing and stretching.