13:11 PM

Sports and Fitness' "Maintain Don't Gain" Program Helps You Survive the Holidays

Prepare yourself for the upcoming holiday season with Sports & Fitness' next healthy workshop, "Maintain Don't Gain."

Most people overindulge during the holiday season on sweets and festive treats, then spend the New Year trying to shed the extra weight. Instead of waiting for January to make a resolution, start today with UHD's Maintain Don't Gain Challenge.

This program not only has incentive prizes for those who don't gain weight or those who lose weight over the holidays, but participants will also learn tips about making smart food choices. Weigh-ins began Oct. 22 but continue through Jan. 11, 2013 in the Student Life Center.

To sign up, visit the Student Life Center or email Rhonda Scherer at schererr@uhd.edu.