09:32 AM

Sports & Fitness Kicks Off Fall Semester with New Studio Schedule, Self-Defense Workshop

The Student Life Center invites faculty, staff and students to participate in fall studio exercise courses including yoga, hip-hop fitness, Latin dance and Zumba. Studio classes begin Monday, Aug. 31.

"We offer a variety of classes and times, so there's something for everyone," said Rhonda Scherer, associate director of Sports & Fitness. "This is the perfect time to start your exercise program, as instructors are slowing down and getting everyone caught up for the next 13 weeks of classes."

Sports & Fitness also will host the popular Safety & Self Defense workshop, taught by UHD karate instructor Robert Henriksen, on Wednesday, Sept. 2, at 12 p.m. in the Robertson Auditorium. In this one-hour course, students will learn safety techniques to use in real-world situations, including escape and striking skills.

View the full studio schedule and register for workshops online at uhd.edu/sports&fitness.