12:45 PM

Social Sciences Lecture Series: Associate Professor José Alvarez to Present Spanish Civil War Research

History lecture

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences invites the University community to the next lecture in the Social Sciences Lecture Series, scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 2 at 2:30 p.m. in room N-1099.

Associate professor of history José Alvarez will present his research paper, "At 1700 Hours on the 17th: the Spanish-Moroccan Origins of the Spanish Civil War." The paper examines the pivotal role of Spain's "Army of Africa" in a proclamation that sparked the Spanish Civil War. While the bulk of the planning for the coup was conducted by General Emilio Mola in Pamplona, he agreed that it would not succeed without the cooperation of the most well-trained and equipped military troops in the Spanish Army at that time: the battle-tested "Army of Africa." Alvarez's work details the major players in the conspiracy and how they organized and plotted to overcome minimal opposition in the major towns of the Moroccan Protectorate.