11:48 AM

SGA Presents 'Go Around the World'


By Toni Carter


It's no secret that the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) is committed to diversity and inclusion and works to build a culture in which students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds can perform to the best of their abilities.

To celebrate the many cultures comprising UHD's community, the Student Government Association (SGA) will host its first diversity showcase competition titled "Go Around the World." The event will spotlight cultural landscapes from around the globe from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, April 5 in the Academic Building, A300.

"UHD is one of the most diverse universities in the nation and serves students from around the world," said SGA President Mustapha Nyallay. "The idea of this event is to show pride in our campus diversity and create a forum to represent and celebrate our cultural differences. In turn, this will serve as an educational opportunity for everyone involved."

The event will feature teams of campus community members hosting cultural exhibitions focused on different countries. These exhibitions will spotlight different aspects of each country's culture including language, arts, religion and more. Teams can sign up for this event through GatorSync.

"This event is going to be the biggest diversity event on our campus," Nyallay said. "We will also invite community partners including high school students to show them how UHD is truly representative of the City of Houston."

As an incentive to participate, student teams have the chance to win a first-place prize worth $250, a second-place prize worth $200 or a third-place prize of $150. All participants and attendees will have the opportunity to win a T-shirt and other goodies. Staff and faculty prizes will include medals, certificates and of course, bragging rights.

Also, students dressed in clothing representing different countries will have the opportunity to win a $50 dollar gift card.

For more information, contact Hatziri Rancano, vice president of SGA, at 832-316-5192.