08:08 PM

SGA Election Results

The SGA Student Elections have concluded and results were certified as valid on Friday, May 4, by a panel of five staff and four students, three of which were selected by the candidates for President and Vice President. Per UHD Policy Statement PS 04.A.03, " All officers must maintain a 2.5 cumulative UHD GPA and be active members of the organization. All general members must maintain a 2.0 cumulative UHD GPA." Therefore, the following are the winners, pending an external review by the UH System Office and the posting of all grades for courses in which the candidates were registered for Spring 2012.

  1. President-elect: Ivan Sanchez
  2. Vice President-elect: Andro Charbim (Unopposed)
  3. Treasurer-elect: Jakeline Noyola (Unopposed)
  4. Secretary-elect: Wendy Ramirez
  5. Senator-elect, College of Business: Angela Sanders (Unopposed)
  6. Senator-elect, College of Humanities & Social Science: Antonio Garcia
  7. Senator-elect, College of Science & Technology: Reyna Valdez (Unopposed)

There were no candidates for Senators for the College of Public Service and for University College; these will be appointed during Fall 2012 by the SGA leadership.