07:34 AM

SECC Deadline Extended to Nov. 4

The deadline for the State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) has been extended to Nov. 4! This is a great opportunity to give back to the community and help the populations and animals in our region that need it most.

As of right now, we are up to 121 donors, with over $22,000 collected.

Your unit or departmental coordinator has the forms. These forms must be used, we cannot accept Xerox copies. Bring the original and the yellow copy to your area coordinator with your signature or bring them to Jackie Santiago in N723 (713-221-8019), the College of Sciences & Technology Dean's Office. The pink copy is for your records.

Please be advised that only full-time staff and faculty can participate in the annual SECC. You can make small monthly donations through a payroll deduction or by check to State Employee Charitable Campaign or SECC - we cannot accept any cash.

The Houston SECC 2013 Directory has over 350 charities to choose from. For a link to the searchable list of charities go to the online system, please see http://www.secctexas.org/search_brochures?phpMyAdmin=VHfu5VL3ElGX4bN0vvFUxv6Irjd

The pdf file catalog of charities can be found and downloaded at http://www.secctexas.org/public/files/LOCAL_DIRECTORIES/HOUSTON_SECC2013_DIRECTORY_PROOFv2-PRESS.pdf

SECC Coordinators:

Karen Rivera Advancement

George Anderson Business Affairs

Mary Cook Administration

Sucheta Choudhuri English

Frank Vela Arts & Humanities

David Fairbanks Social Sciences

Erin Hodgess MS and CSET

Brad Hoge Natural Sciences, CST Dean's Office, and Scholars Academy

Kevin Jones FACIS

Ohaness Paskelian FACIS

Loren Brown MMBA

Shannon Cunningham SSEM

Jackie Trahan SSEM

Dana Smith College of Public Service

Ashley Lancaster Provost's Office

Catherine Garcia ESO

Marvelia Rocha ORSP

Sam Lai Testing Services

Angela Parrish University College

Sam Bible President's Office

Janet Dyer Facilities

Fredrick Varela Police

Debra Williams Library

Cheryl Robertson IT