09:12 AM

SECC Begins This Week

To All Members of the UHD Family:

This week will mark the start of UHD's annual State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC). For those of you who are new to the university, the SECC is a statutorily authorized workplace campaign for state higher education employees in Texas. Through it, faculty and staff have the opportunity to give to the charities of their choice, either through one-time gifts or through payroll deduction. Information on the SECC and the organizations that the SECC services can be found at:



There is, of course, no obligation to participate in this campaign, but I do hope that you will take at least a few minutes to look over the more than 600 organizations listed in the SECC 2010 Mini-Directory. If there are organizations listed that you would like to contribute to, please consider contributing to them through the SECC. There are several advantages to doing this. The SECC permits you to allocate your gift to up to six different charities and to spread your payments throughout the year by signing up for payroll deduction. Giving through the SECC not only provides a convenient way for you to help fund those causes you most strongly believe in, it also brings UHD recognition as an institution that truly believes in giving back to the community.

The total amount given by our faculty and staff last year was $40,339 -a remarkable achievement given the economy. At the campaign's conclusion, UHD had the highest level of participation in the UH System. This willingness to give back to the community, even in these difficult times, is something in which we should all take pride. I recognize that SECC support is only one of the many ways we give back to our community - be assured that whatever form your contribution to building a stronger community takes, it is greatly appreciated.

Your department's SECC coordinator will soon be contacting you with information about how you can participate in this year's campaign during the next week. The campaign will run through Oct. 31. Questions about the campaign should be directed to Dr. Akif Uzman (8019). The following document and site provide you a list of the organizations serviced by the SECC on page 12 : http://www.secctexas.org/public/files/LOCAL_DIRECTORIES/HOUSTON_SECC2013_DIRECTORY_PROOFv2-PRESS.pdf


Bill Flores, President