14:28 PM

Search Committee Named for Director of Center for Latino Studies

A six-member committee will lead the search for University of Houston-Downtown's first director for the Center for Latino Studies (CLS).

The committee includes:

  • William Nowak, chair and associate professor in arts and humanities
  • Jose Alvarez, associate professor in social sciences
  • Raquel Chiquillo, associate professor in arts in humanities
  • Vida Robertson, associate professor in English
  • Maria Bhattacharjee, associate professor urban education
  • Reyna Romero, director of advising services

As the director of the newly established center, the candidate must be an energetic and passionate leader with extensive knowledge of the scholarship and disciplines that are subsumed by the field of Latino studies, as defined in the mission statement for CLS, "To provide an academic space on the UHD campus that promotes and nurtures scholarship, creative work, and community engagement opportunities with a particular focus on the Latino communities in Houston, the United States, and abroad."

The director is responsible for the development, implementation and administration of the Center's strategic vision, including the development and implementation of academic programs, curriculum, sponsored events, and community projects and partnerships, leading to ground-breaking programs that generate regional and statewide recognition. The individual selected will be bold and creative in enhancing the program's position as a vibrant center for scholarship, teaching, public discourse, and community engagement and a leading regional center for the study of issues and concerns impacting Latino communities.

The position for Director of the CLS has been posted on the UHD Career Website. This position is open to tenured faculty within the University of Houston System with a minimum of three years of administrative experience, a terminal degree in an academic discipline in or related to the disciplines of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences with an emphasis on Latino Studies, research and teaching theoretically informed by Latino Studies and other relevant academic fields, and demonstrated evidence of working effectively with diverse populations.

Faculty interested in this position must apply by Wednesday, Aug. 31. Ideally, the director will be appointed by late September 2016.