12:06 PM

Scholarship Endowment Created in Honor of President Emeritus Max Castillo

University of Houston-Downtown President Emeritus Max Castillo has staying power. Although he retired eight years ago, his reputation and accomplishments continue to bring recognition to the University. Castillo - or "Dr. C," as he's fondly called - had a 17 year tenure with University of Houston-Downtown, and his involvement with the Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA) has extended almost 30 years. In recognition of Castillo's service on the board of IDRA, the organization has established the IDRA Scholarship Endowment in Urban Education at UHD in his honor.

On Tuesday, March 14, Castillo joined Maria "Cuca" Robledo Montecel, director of IDRA; Othon Medina, IDRA board member; College of Public Service interim dean Leigh Van Horn, and Interim President Michael A. Olivas to announce the endowment and celebrate Castillo's service to IDRA and his commitment to UHD. The visit provided an opportunity to express gratitude to IDRA for its continued work in public education, to recognize Castillo and to build alliances with the UHD Department of Urban Education as IDRA explores new opportunities to expand its work in Houston schools.

IDRA is dedicated to the vision of ensuring equal educational opportunity for every child through strong public schools that prepare all students to access and succeed in college. IDRA strengthens and transforms public education through professional development, research and evaluation, policy and leadership development, and programs and materials development. Throughout its history, IDRA has been a vocal advocate for the right of every student to equality of educational opportunity.

"IDRA is grateful to work for the day that 'All means All,' and we can assure educational opportunity for every child - regardless of their educational, cultural or economic background," Montecel said.

"The focus of the award should be on the important work that IDRA accomplishes every day to empower public school leadership and teachers to provide opportunities for every student to be successful and attain their highest educational goal," Castillo said. "I am honored that this endowment is established in my honor, but I am focused on the important work of IDRA as it continues to work toward this objective."

Also joining the luncheon were Urban Education chair Ronald Beebe, Rosario Martinez-Castillo and Augustina Reyes. This is the third endowment established in honor of Castillo, and brings additional recognition and acknowledgement to the important role he played at UHD and within the public and higher education communities.