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Recap of UHD Town Hall Safe Return to Campus

Dear Faculty & Staff,

Thank you to those who participated in the recent Virtual Town Hall Meeting addressing the University of Houston-Downtown’s Safe Return to Campus. As you’re aware, the first phase begins on June 15 with limited staff members starting to resume campus operations. The Town Hall Meeting addressed protocols and policies related to these first steps back on campus. More than 400 UHD Community members attended this informative online event featuring members of the University leadership team sharing insights on the campus’ phased reopening process.

During the meeting, details were shared regarding the availability of Personal Protective Equipment for staff members when they return to campus; protocol requiring employees to wear masks/face coverings in public campus spaces; the installation of Plexiglas shields in high traffic areas; and elevator protocol requiring a maximum of four employees in each car. More information on the Phase 1 of the Safe Return was made available in a previous message to the community.

The full Town Hall with complete presentations and additional questions is available to view online. Additional questions regarding Phase 1 of the Safe Return to Campus can be directed to coronavirus@uhd.edu.

Three strategic work groups (appointed by UHD President, Dr. Juan Sánchez Muñoz) have been tasked with coordinating the phased Safe Return Process.Work groups and members are as follows:

Safe Summer Return

  • Ivonne Montalbano, VP, Employment Services and Operations and Work Group Chair
  • Liza Alonzo, Director, Events & Alumni Relations
  • Eddie Arias, Director, Environmental Health & Safety
  • Erica Morales, Director, Benefits & Compensation
  • Gladis Moya, Benefits & Compensation Administrator
  • Lisa Raynor-Keck, Manager, Communications & Compliance & Projects
  • Stefany Records, Director, Administration Operations & Compliance
  • Dr. Rhonda Scherer, Associate Director, Sports & Fitness and Staff Council President
  • Laura Waits, Director, Web & Digital Marketing

Academic & Student Affairs

  • Dr. Ron Beebe, Faculty Senate President-Elect, Work Group Chair
  • Daniel Villanueva, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management
  • Dr. Jerry Johnson, Associate Vice President, Faculty Affairs
  • Dr. Michelle Moosally, Associate Vice President, Programs and Curriculum
  • Hossein Shahrokhi, Chief Technology Officer
  • Dr. Scott Marzilli, Chief Student Success Officer
  • Dr. Rachna Sadana, Department Chair
  • Dr. Johanna Schmertz, Faculty Senate Representative
  • Dr. Susan Henney, Chair, Online Taskforce
  • Elisa Olsen, Executive Director of University Relations
  • Hope Pamplin, Student Affairs Representative
  • Alan Modrow, Student Government Association President-Elect

Budget & Finance

  • David Bradley, Vice President of Administration & Finance and Work Group Chair
  • George Anderson, Assistant Vice President for Business Affairs, Administration & Finance
  • Theresa Meneley, Executive Director of Budget, Procurement & Contracts, Budget & Procurement Dept.
  • Preston Heng, Budget Manager, Budget & Procurement Dept.
  • Ivonne Montalbano, VP, Employment Services and Operations
  • Mike Emery, Director of Communications, University Relations

UHD is grateful to these groups for their ongoing work in developing strategies to safely reopen campus and helping ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff. Soon, a comprehensive report detailing the recommendations of these Work Groups and a Fall Academic Plan will both be made available to the campus community.

Further updates on Phase 1 of the Safe Return to Campus will be available soon and all news related to UHD’s response to COVID-19 can be found on the Coronavirus Updates page.