15:17 PM

Public Comment Period for UHDPD Accreditation Open to UHD Community June 7

On June 6, a team of Assessors from the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA)
will undertake a complete review of the University of Houston-Downtown Police Department’s (UHDPD) policies, procedures, management structure, operations and support services. 

This assessment is part of the required processes for UHDPD to earn IACLEA Accreditation, a designation of excellence for campus police departments across the nation. 

University Community members (including UHDPD employees) and the public are invited to participate in the public comment process by calling 713- 226-5206 starting on Monday, June 7 between the hours of 10 a.m. and noon. Comments will be documented and reviewed by the IACLEA Assessment Team. 

Telephone comments must address the UHDPD’s ability to comply with IACLEA’s standards. The IACLEA Accreditation Standards Manual is available to review on the IACLEA website. Written comments can be submitted to jmurphy@iaclea.org  

To earn IACLEA Accreditation, the University of Houston-Downtown Police Department must comply with 215 required standards. 

The Accreditation Manager for the University of Houston-Downtown Police Department is Lt. Carla Jackson. The IACLEA Assessment team will include team leader Dr. Sonya M. Johnson, Police Planning & Research for the Albany Georgia Police Department and Wendy Dorival, Accreditation Manager for the Florida A&M University Police Department. 

These assessors will review written materials, conduct interviews and inspect UHDPD facilities. 

Once the team completes its review of the department, it will report its findings to IACLEA for review. IACLEA officials will then determine whether UHDPD has met the requirements for a four-year accreditation. Once accredited, a campus police department must submit annual reports detailing their compliance with required IACLEA standards.