08:05 AM

Promote UHD May 4 with T-shirts

UHD is asking all faculty and staff to support the university for GenTex Day, May 4, as part of a Generation Texas project aiming to create a college-going culture within the state.

Come to the South Deck at 11 a.m. for a group photo!

*Excerpt from the Houston Chronicle.

Texas has a lousy record for getting students to attend college. Only 56 percent of Texas high school graduates enrolled in a community college or university in 2010. The national average is 70 percent.

To increase college awareness, Texans are encouraged to wear their favorite college t-shirt on May 4 as part of a Generation Texas project.

"GenTX Day (Friday, May 4) is an idea that is elegantly simple, and invites everyone to participate by simply wearing their favorite college t-shirt. Now if everyone across the state did that, just imagine how dramatic the impact of that would be just in terms of a show of support for our Texas students," Texas Higher Education Commissioner Raymund Paredes said. "But, more importantly, imagine the opportunities for conversation that it creates. It might just be the one conversation that changes someone's life."

Let's all show our UHD pride on Friday! To read the entire Chronicle article, click here.