16:50 PM

President's Message: Finals Week Spring 2020

Dear Students, Faculty & Staff,

As you are aware, we are quickly approaching the conclusion of an unprecedented semester at UHD. Despite the disruptions and challenges presented by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), I want to offer you my congratulations on a job well done. We have reached this moment through the talents and tenacity of our University Community. Everyone should be credited for their hard work during this difficult time. I’ve said it in previous messages, but it bears repeating … thank you.

Thank you, students for demonstrating the essence of Gator Grit. You are truly examples for your peers. You quickly adapted to new learning modalities and were able to stay the course. I am proud of your accomplishments and wish you well during this week’s examinations.

Thank you to our faculty who worked tirelessly to ensure courses were quickly transitioned online and for providing our students with exceptional instruction. Your guidance and professionalism allowed them to successfully complete this semester.

And thanks to those many staff members who are working both on and off campus to maintain operational continuity. No matter your role, you are truly making a difference for UHD.

We must also acknowledge those who continue to support our city and community in many ways, including the College of Sciences & Technology’s recent donation of supplies to Houston Methodist Hospital; our students leading online support groups and exercise classes to help the community cope with the pandemic; and staff members looking out for their fellow Gators.

Although we are nearing semester’s end, there’s more work to be done. Finals started yesterday. Let’s continue to support each other during this pivotal time. As a reminder, touch base with your fellow classmates and colleagues. Stay in touch and encourage your fellow Gators as they complete their examinations and end of semester projects.

While I wish we could have completed this semester on campus together, free from COVID-19, I am heartened by the commitment of the University Community. It is truly impressive to witness (even from afar) what UHD Gators can accomplish during the most difficult times … and we’ve certainly accomplished much this semester.

Dr. Juan Sánchez MuñozUHD President