14:51 PM

President's Choice Reception Honors Scholars

Last week, UHD hosted its President's Choice Reception for incoming UHD merit and Scholars Academy scholarship recipients. The event served as a warm welcome for these high-achieving high school graduates and their proud parents.

President Bill Flores personally greeted the new freshmen and their parents and congratulated them on their early achievements and decision to join the UHD family. He encouraged them to join one of the campus' 63 student organizations and to use their proven leadership skills to positively impact their fellow classmates and campus life at UHD.

In his welcome, Flores said, "You represent the finest UHD has to offer. I am eager to see the ways in which you will thrive and inspire your classmates during your tenure at the University."

Interim Provost Ed Hugetz also welcomed the students to UHD and lauded their academic success. Other presenters included Student Body President Isaac Valdez and sophomore Daral Moore-Washington, who shared her experience as a freshman at UHD. Many students honored at the reception are the first in their families to attend college.

UH-D President's Choice Orientation UH-D President's Choice Orientation UH-D President's Choice Orientation