14:52 PM

Parking Changes for Fall 2017


UPDATE - Aug. 17: University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) faculty and staff can register online for 2017-18 campus parking permits at the University's Parking Portal.

It has been determined that the proposed Franklin Lot, near the former U.S. Post Office, will not be needed this fall. The University community also should be aware of the following changes to parking at UHD, which will be effective on Monday, August 21.

The construction of the new College of Sciences & Technology Building begins an exciting chapter for UHD; however, construction of this building will displace more than 200 parking spaces at a popular public pay lot that is located just north of I-10 (on the west side of North Main Street). UHD is taking several steps to offset the loss of these spaces:

  • Presently, an additional surface lot is underway, adjacent to the College of Sciences & Technology Building construction site (shown on the parking map as the Bayou Parking Lot), and will be available to all students holding a valid Student Surface Lot parking permit.
  • UHD is in the process of acquiring several smaller land parcels to the north of the University, which will be prepared as new surface lots and brought online for registration after the fall 2017 semester begins.
  • Recently, UHD entered into a partnership with METRO to further subsidize public transit for UHD students. Students committing to public transit will receive a 25 percent Q-Card subsidy through the University in addition to a 50 percent Q-Card subsidy already provided to college/university students by METRO. To learn more about this new program, visit UHD's Alternative Transportation.

Important Parking Information

  • UHD students are encouraged to consider purchasing Student Garage parking permits, which also entitles the holder to park on all student surface lots. Historically, the student Vine Street Garage, located on the side of the Shea Street Building (home of the Marilyn Davies College of Business), experiences minimal capacity even at times of peak demand.
  • Beginning fall 2017, UHD will be increasing enforcement efforts to ensure that valid permit holders are parking in designated lots.
  • During the first two weeks of the semester, UHD Parking & Transportation Services Office and Police personnel will be active, available, and out-and-about to provide direction and assist students who might have parking questions.
  • UHD students are encouraged to order parking permits online.

Faculty-only parking access on Girard Parking Level 3 is now in effect for faculty returning to campus in preparation for the fall semester. Gate arms will be lowered and access will be allowed only by faculty-access only programmed prox cards.

For questions or more information about UHD parking, contact UHD Parking & Transportation Services Office, located in Room N117 (next door to UHD Police Department) at 713-221-8127 or parking@uhd.edu.