11:24 AM

ORCA Awards Announced

Congratulations to the FY 2014 ORCA Awardees!

This year 23 projects were funded due to the increase in ORCA funding made available by the Provost's Office. Awardees will be receiving a letter from ORSP with the cost center and other pertinent information shortly. Please note if there is any outstanding compliance all approvals must be received before any projects will be allowed to commence.

Sadana, Rachna - Screening Novel Synthetic Compounds for Their Potential to be Anti-cancer Agents - $8,225.00

Johnson, Ruth - Analyzing Racial and Gender Biases in Face Processing - $3,200

Crone, Travis - Effects of Priming Authoritarian and Benevolent God Concepts on Anxiety, Shame, Guilt, and Behavior - $3,200

Davidson, Robin - Droga pani Schubert (Dear Mrs. Schubert): Translating the Newest Work of Polish Poet Ewa Lipska into English - $5,475

Liu, Cathy - Is a Law Firm's Market Share Related to Securities Class Action Litigation Outcomes? - $4,500

Verma, Rahul - Psychological bias in Portfolio Allocation of Defined Benefit Pension Plans - $3,200

Lyons, Philip - Characterization and expression of laccase genes from Soil Fungi - $5,585

Islam, Anisul - Role of Institutions in Explaining Global Cross-Country Variations in Bank Lending Rates, Deposit Rates, and the Lending-Rate-Deposit-Rate Spread - $3,300

Rubinson, Claude - Explaining the Emergence and Diffusion of Cubist Television Aesthetics, 1996-2014 - $7,550

Chadha, Anita - Interaction/Argumentation: An Online Longitudinal Collaborative Learning Project - $5,000

Agboka, Godwin - Addressing Emerging Human Rights Issues in Professional Writing: A Case Study of Professional Writing Programs - $4,000

Pepper, Ryan - Graph-Theoretic Independence of Hydrocarbon Molecules - $3,200

Gulati, Salhotra - Natural Products to Inhibit Dental Caries - $6,900

Tzouanas, Vassilios - A New Method for the Design of Cascade Control Structures Subject to Operational Constraints - $4,032

Jager, Katharine - Made Perfect in Weakness - $3,200

Chan, Youn-Sha - Optical Measurements and Advanced Material Modeling - $3,200

Westfall, Joseph - Continental Philosophy and Film - $3,200

Khoja, Faiza - Sustainability in Small and Mid-sized Businesses- What's the Verdict? - $3,700

Choudhuri, Sucheta - Counter-history as Bildungsroman in V.V. Ganesananthan's Love Marriage - $3,200

Linantud, John - The Steadman-Unitas Protocols Property Versus Community in the Pro-Football Heritage of Baltimore and Indianapolis - $1,265

Gupta, Omprakash - Humanitarian Supply Chain Management under Mediating Effect of Leadership - $3,200

Rejaie, Azar - The Perugian from Città della Pieve: Mutable Identity in the Signatures of Pietro Perugino - $3,200

Vela, Frank - The Julius Caesar Project - $1,500

Again Congratulations to all!