13:30 PM

One Main Building Evacuation Drill Scheduled for Oct. 7

fireOn Friday, Oct. 7, Emergency Management and Fire Safety will conduct a fire/evacuation drill for One Main Building. The drill is expected to occur between 9 and 11 a.m. and will last approximately 30 minutes.

Faculty, staff and students are required to participate in the drill. In the future, drills will combine occupants of Academic, Girard Street and Student Life Center with One Main Building as UHD continues to develop a robust evacuation plan for the campus.

For more information on receiving alerts, guides, forms and video training, visit Emergency Management. A guide to basic evacuation and maps of UHD evacuation Assembly Points can be found under the "Guides and Forms" tab.

Quick guide for a successful evacuation drill:

  • All occupants of a building are required to respond to alarms and participate in drills.
  • When you hear the alarm, grab your critical belongings (purse, keys and/or brief case).
  • Alert others in your area, close doors behind you and proceed to the nearest exit or stairwell.
  • After the alarm tone ends, the public address system will provide information and direction.
  • Calmly descend down the stairs.
  • If you can't descend stairs, please wait on your floor near stairwell 11 (west end near Academic) or stairwells 1 and 2 (east end facing Main Street).
  • If you exit the building on the third floor, assemble with your group/department on the north or south deck.
  • If you exit the building on the first level, assemble with your group/department and congregate in the area between the Visitor's Garage and One Main Building or the walkway leading to the Willow Street Pump Station.
  • An announcement will be made when the drill is over and you may re-enter the building.

For more information or questions, please contact Carol Manousos, Director of Emergency Management at 713-221-8425 or Brian Lovelady, Specialist of Emergency Management and Fire Safety at 713-221-5848.