11:42 AM

O'Kane Theatre Presents Lunchtime Performances


By Sheryl E. Taylor


Grab your lunch and enjoy an original play by O'Kane Theatre's very own Tim Klein.

"Group," written and directed by Klein, will be the featured performance for the upcoming Lunchtime Theater at 1 p.m., April 24 - 27.

The play invites the audience into a group therapy session, for people with varying levels of anxiety, which goes comically awry when the neuroses of the group proves way too impossible to be controlled by a frazzled psychologist with his own troubles.

"Given the current political climate, there are many reasons to feel anxiety about the future," said Klein, associate professor of drama and director of theater. "When writing the play, I wanted to try to make people laugh at the absurd situation we may find ourselves in. Also, I hope to offer a few suggestions on how to weather the anxiety-inducing present."

The cast is composed of UHD faculty, staff, students, and alumni:

  • Louis Ayala, student
  • Bill Davis, CHSS advising staff
  • Nicole Grady, student
  • Crystal Guillory, CHSS assistant dean
  • Emrah Izci, student
  • Paul Karam, alumni
  • Justin Mathew, student
  • Jackie Vazquez, student
  • Charles Vaughn, student

All Lunchtime Theater performances (running time of 35 minutes) are free with a 1 p.m. curtain call.