12:58 PM

Notice of Fraud Activity

From David Bradley, UHD Administration & Finance

Late last month a university employee was the victim of fraudulent charges against their personal credit card (not a P-card). Regrettably this is an all-too-frequent occurrence in this day and age and normally would not warrant an alert of this type, but this situation was different in that the perpetrator of the fraud showed the payments (several of $500) as being made to non-existent entity titled 'SQ UHD Systems'. While the victim realized pretty quickly that the charges were illegitimate, there was initial hesitation due to the use of 'UHD', which caused the employee to question for a moment whether the charges might have been legitimate.

While at this time there is nothing to indicate that this is anything other than an isolated incident, all UHD employees are encouraged to review their bank and credit card statements carefully. Should you discover activity of this type you should contact your bank or credit card company immediately.