15:30 PM

New Institute to Offer Resources to University Community

14To commemorate the official opening of the Institute for Community Research, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Wednesday, Feb. 17 in the Commerce Street Building, room C220. The event was held in conjunction with the Center for Public Service and Family Strengths' open house celebration.

Jennifer Rowland, director of the Center for Public Service and Family Strengths, kicked off the event by delivering a warm welcome. She thanked the guests for attending and talked about plans for the spring semester.

"The College of Public Service is excited about the Ribbon Cutting for our Institute for Community Research this spring that will offer a means of providing resources and programming to College faculty and students who are engaged in community research," said Rowland. "The Center for Public Service and Family Strengths has also launched an exciting new speaker series in addition to sponsoring programming to promote faculty and student engagement in public service issues. Our faculty, students, and staff are currently engaged in a wide variety of public service projects based upon specific needs identified by our partners. Some are focused on education and service, while others include community partners in research. "

Brief, welcoming remarks were also given by Michael A. Olivas, UHD interim president, Provost Edward Hugetz, and Leigh Van Horn, dean of the College of Public Service. Among attendees were faculty, staff and students.

Cakes for the Ribbon Cutting and Open House events were made by Nancy's Cake Designs, a bakery owned by the family of an alumni from the Social Work Program at UHD.

The mission of the Center for Public Service and Family Strengths and its Institute for Community Research is to initiate and develop collaborative partnerships with the community through which we demonstrate our servant leadership, participate in active engagement and mutually beneficial problem solving, and advocate and effect positive change.