05:05 PM

New Informational Resources Available for Faculty

The UHD and College of Humanities and Social Sciences websites have some new and informative resources for faculty looking to help themselves and their students.

First, a new "map" of Student Success Initiatives is available to provide faculty with an overview of the array of programs that aim to enhance student retention and engagement. The page can be found by clicking on the following link, http://www.uhd.edu/academic/student_success/, or by selecting the "Student Success Initiatives" option under the "Academics" tab on the UHD homepage. Slide your cursor over the item to see a brief description, and click on the program's link to learn more about it.

Chris Birchak, University College Dean, was instrumental in the creation of this page, which was put together by Theresa Case, associate professor in Social Sciences, and Wayne Schmadeka, assistant professor of English.

Faculty members can also find useful teaching resources like note-taking, informational literacy workshops, faculty retention forms and collaborative learning at this website, http://www.uhd.edu/academic/student_success/resources.html, or by selecting the "Student Success Initiatives" option under the "Academics" tab on the UHD homepage and then choosing "Resources." It is also available through the CHSS menu under Faculty Teaching Resources.

This page was created by members of the CHSS General Education Committee. A report on the 2008 National Survey of Student Engagement survey, "A Look at First Time College Students," is also available here.

For more information, contact Pat Mosier, associate dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, at mosierp@uhd.edu.