09:38 AM

METRO Brings Back Day Passes

metro logoMonday marked the return of the daypass for Metro bus and train riders, officials confirmed Wednesday.

As of Oct. 7, riders who tap their Q cards three times during the day will be charged 50 cents for the third trip, and all uses after that will be free, under a plan previously approved by Metropolitan Transit Authority officials.

Daypasses have not been available for the past five years. Metro abandoned the pass when it switched to Q cards in 2008. Riders bemoaned the loss of a day-long bus fare option.

In addition to just using a Q card, riders can purchase daypasses at METRO RideStores and participating retailers or online at www.ridemetro.org. Seniors, disabled people and students who receive discounts can apply the same savings to daypasses. Bus drivers will also have daypasses available during the first four days of the roll-out.