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Meet UHD Athlete Of The Year

Meet UHD Athlete of the Year: junior Deen LeBlanc. He is a multi-talented student-athlete and a member of the UHD Men’s Basketball Club Team who excels on the court and beyond. 

“As an athlete, he is probably the most cerebral basketball player I have coached,” said  UHD Head Basketball Coach Eric Taylor. “He is a humble young man of integrity and honor.  He always prioritizes what's important in his academic journey to success.”

Get to know him and learn what advice he has to share with other Gator Athletes:Deen LeBlanc -2022 UHD Student Athlete of the Year

Q: What are you studying? 

A: I am studying safety management. 

Q: What sports do you play?

A: I play basketball on the UHD club team. No matter what the sport is, I like to play it. Whether it’s volleyball, flag football, or soccer, if I can play it, I will. My father is now training me to start my pickleball journey as well. 

Q: What is your favorite sport to play and why? 

A: My favorite sport to play is basketball, because it takes a variety of skills and a lot of hard work to be good at it. It’s a game of not only teamwork but also individual performance and effort. My other favorite sport to play is table tennis. I don’t play it as much as I would like to, but I enjoy the quick back and forth action of the game. 

Q: What is your favorite sport to watch? 

A: My favorite sports to watch are basketball and football.

Q: What accomplishment in sports are you most proud of this year? 

A: I am very proud of myself for making the UHD men’s basketball team because I didn’t think I would when I tried out. In addition to that, I am proud to have earned the Defensive Player of the Year award on the basketball team. This award proves the level of intensity I bring to the court. I am most proud to accept the UHD Athlete of the Year award. I felt honored to be chosen for this award because I have put a lot of hard work and effort into accomplishing all my sports achievements. 

Q: Which coach/professor has made a big impact on you while at UHD?

A: My two UHD basketball coaches, Coach Eric Taylor and Coach Dedric Brown, have instilled confidence in me not only as a basketball player but as a leader as well. They pushed us to be better than we were in all aspects of life. My mentor, Mr. Antonio Guerra, has also impacted my time at UHD. His enthusiasm to see me succeed along with his ability to be real and straightforward made me enjoy our times together.

Q: How do you balance school, sports, and life together?

A: I like to stay busy, so I don’t mind participating in a lot of activities. I keep a good balance by prioritizing and dealing with one thing at a time. Once one thing is accomplished, I can move on to the next and keep the ball rolling.

Q: What are your aspirations after college? 

A: After college, I aspire to start a career in safety management.

Q: Do you have advice to share with other athletes about balancing school and life?

A: A piece of advice I tell myself is that I can’t control the outcome. I can only control my attitude, preparation, and effort. Knowing this, I can focus on what I need to do instead of focusing on what I want to happen.