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Meet a Gator: Fine Art Student Proposes New Initiatives

daral-moore-washington-8378 UHD student, Daral Moore-Washington.

As a graduate of Westchester Academy for International Studies, fine arts major Daral Moore-Washington found a perfect fit at UHD.

"UHD appealed to me because of the diversity of its students, which is similar to the international high school I attended," said Washington. "I adjusted easily and the transition was smooth. I'm continuing to receive a global, diverse, and well-rounded experience."

Washington decided to major in fine arts after taking two years of high-level fine arts courses in high school, where she discovered her passion for painting.

"I love fine arts, she said. "I never exactly had a dream job like a lot of teenagers, so I decided to just follow my passion and major in something I actually enjoy."

Washington's parents support her in that decision. "They just want me to be happy," said Washington. Her parents believe her take-charge personality will help her be successful in any career.

Washington is not your average student. In addition to carrying a full course load, she is involved in several student organizations, including Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Golden Key International, Gator Guides mentoring program, and Elite Gators.

In 2013-2014, UHD had 3,441 students in 64 campus organizations.

In the future, Washington aspires to open her own business as an art dealer, networking with freelancers and showcasing different mediums.

Washington is on track to graduate in spring 2016.