12:02 PM

MDCOB and Power on Heels Fund Host National Women’s Equal Pay Day Panel

Each year on a day in March or April, National Equal Pay Day brings awareness to pay discrepancies between women and men for the same work. The day represents how far into the year a woman works to earn as much as a man doing the same job.

The Marilyn Davies College of Busines (MDCOB) and Power on Heels Fund Inc. are partnering to sponsor an upcoming talk focused on the gender gap Wednesday, April 12, 6 - 7:30 p.m., in the TDECU Tour Room. A panel of experts will address the topic “Equal Pay Is Crucial for All Women” and discuss various factors that contribute to pay inequality:

  • Mental health
  • Conscious and unconscious biases
  • Marketplace standards
  • Cultural beliefs
  • Traditional roles

Registration is free, but there is limited seating, so don’t hesitate—register today!

To learn more about the pay gap, visit the National Women’s Law Center’s Wage Gap Explainer

Mark your calendar for the next MDCOB and Power on Heels Fund Inc. partnership, the Latina Power Purse Program, which will be both online and live at the MDCOB building on April 22. More details to come! 

800_pohlogoPower On Heels Fund Inc., a local nonprofit organization committed to empowering and supporting women in achieving their career goals, focuses on helping to decrease the gender pay gap and provides specialized programs, mentorship opportunities, and scholarships for female students of all ages, industries, and backgrounds. The organization, which has a partnership with MDCOB, offers annual scholarships to any female student who applies and qualifies by participating in Power on Heels qualifying events. The scholarships are not just for business majors—female students of all majors are invited to participate. For more details, visit the Power on Heels Fund scholarship page.