10:14 AM

Main Street Bridge Opens Monday Ahead of Schedule

metroinviteMETRO's Rail Expansion Program reaches a significant milestone as the Main Street Bridge reopens February 25th, one month ahead of schedule.

The Main Street Bridge closed for more than a year to allow construction of the North Line, extending the existing Red Line by more than five miles from the University of Houston-Downtown Station, north via Main to Boundary, crossing east to Fulton, then north again to Northline Commons Mall and the Northline Transit Center.

"Reconfiguring the historic bridge for METRO's new light-rail was a huge undertaking. The process was coordinated with stakeholders at all levels, from the city to the university, as well as the businesses near the line. We are very happy to be able to reopen this bridge," said METRO Chairman Gilbert Garcia.

"As many of our students commute long distances and ride METRO to reach campus, the northward extension of the METRO line will greatly expand their transportation options," said William Flores, Ph.D., president of UHD. "We are proud to partner with METRO to celebrate this exciting milestone that will provide added convenience to students and help open the door to higher education for more Houstonians."

UHD will host a press event for the Main Street Bridge Early Reopening Ceremony at 10 a.m. Monday, Feb. 25. Everyone is invited to help celebrate the bridge's reopening.

As of Monday morning, there will no longer be pedestrian road crossings over the rail tracks at the UHD Station. Pedestrians entering or exiting the third floor of the One Main Building that need to cross Main Street must do so at the crosswalk of Main and Commerce Streets, or at Shea Street. Pedestrians entering or exiting One Main on the first floor, will still be allowed to use Girard Street and the pedestrian tunnel near the College of Business to cross under Main Street.

For more information about crossing Main Street, please view posted signs near the road ways or contact the Facilities Management Department.