08:42 AM

Lunchtime Blues? Try the Food Court Greens


by Laura Wagner

If you ask lunchgoers to name the most satisfying meal they can think of, salad may not be their first pick. Many eaters think of salad as a diet dish rather than a cheat day delight. 

That’s about to change. Thanks to the Create Salad Bar in the Academic Building Food Court, salad could be on track to top the list of best lunches of all time. (Seriously!) 

Senior Adi Mendoza takes salad building seriouslyTo test this theory, we asked UHD senior Adi Mendoza to take on the challenge of building a salad so yummy, even the most diehard Chick-fil-A aficionado would be tempted. 

Check out her masterpiece in the photos, then take the challenge yourself. Create Salad Bar provides all the fresh, crispy, crunchy, nutty, chewy options you need to make a bowl of salad feel like a treat! Bonus: no carb crash after lunch. 

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