11:35 AM

Legislative Funding Supporting Campus Growth

UHD Receives $45M in Capital Construction Assistance Projects

Following an extended legislative session, the University of Houston-Downtown emerged with additional funding to further support campus growth. During October’s special session, UHD was named among the state institutions receiving Capital Construction Assistance Projects CCAPs (formerly known as Tuition Revenue Bonds).

The University received $45 million in CCAPs to support four transformative campus projects.

“We are grateful for the ongoing support of our state leaders,” said UHD President Loren J. Blanchard. “During a challenging year for Texas, the Legislature continued to prioritize higher education. In approving this much-needed funding, they also clearly recognized the University of Houston-Downtown as an institution supporting students’ academic aspirations and the state’s economic growth.”

Projects supported by these CCAPs include the following:

Girard Street Building / Fourth Floor Build Out: A fourth floor to the Girard Street Building or “Girard 4” will be built out to accommodate the University’s Academic Support Center to make it more accessible to students. Additionally, “Girard 4” would host other offices dedicated to supporting students.

One Main Building: UHD’s oldest and largest building will receive significant enhancements. As several offices and labs have relocated to the College of Sciences & Technology Building and others will move to Girard 4, the University will evaluate spaces within One Main for repurposing. It is expected that space within One Main will be repurposed to accommodate student support initiatives and other projects. As the University’s oldest building, One Main Building also will require upgrades and enhancements. These include applying elastomeric coating to the structure’s exterior for weatherproofing purposes.

In addition to these projects, other campus enhancements on the horizon include a new headquarters for the University of Houston-Police Department and Criminal Justice Training Center. Additionally, plans are in the works to transform the Student Life Center into a new UHD Student Union Building.

“I’ve long stated that campus infrastructure is among the University’s key priorities,” Blanchard said. “UHD is indeed an institution on the rise, and investing in these projects and others is crucial to our mission and growth as a campus community. I thank those legislative leaders who strongly recognize the University’s value within our region and continue to advocate for our campus and our students.”