10:04 AM

Lecture on Confucius for the 21st Century Open to All

The Philosophy Speakers Series and the Ethnic Studies Minor will host a lecture this week on Confuscius' school of thought.

"Confucius in the 21st Century: A Confucian Critique of Modern Society" will be presented by Roger Figg from 2:30 to 3:45 p.m. Nov. 25 in N1099. Confucius' school of moral self-cultivation is the oldest living school in the world and continues to influence thought and action both in the East and West. Confucius believed that a people who know their history, read their classic texts and are loyal to ancient ways of living are able to hold their society together.

"Our speakers will discuss Confucius' ideas of moral self-cultivation, tradition, family, ritual and respect for others in a manner accessible to those unfamiliar with Confucius' thought," said Sharin Elkholy, assistant professor of philosophy.

For more information, contact elkholys@uhd.edu.