14:04 PM

Learning Connection Presents Fall Open House

learning connections open house guestsThe Learning Connection at the University of Houston-Downtown is a place for students to come together, take advantage of helpful academic programs and form lasting relationships.

The center - which houses several student enrichment, academic and advising programs including University Honors Program, Supplemental Instruction (SI), Student Success, and Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID ) - opened its doors Wednesday for a Fall Open House program.

Faculty, staff and students stopped by throughout the afternoon to enjoy refreshments, learn more about the various programs available in S405, and check out the student artwork in the newly decorated Honors student lounge.

The event was largely student-directed, with students arranging menus, organizing presentations about peer mentorship and tutoring, and showing guests around the space.

University Honors Program Director Mari Nicholson-Preuss says this is the norm at Learning Connection. "The students have really taken ownership of this space. They use it to meet up between classes, to discuss issues that are important to them and to get creative," she said, noting that her honors students took full charge of decorating their new lounge.

Beyond the open house program, the Learning Connection staff invites the University community to step in and learn more about the wealth of resources available there.

Honors Lounge