02:50 PM

Justin Hackett Helps Plan Program to Aid Airmen

Justin Hackett, assistant professor of psychology, was recently invited by the U.S. Air Force to participate in a planning session for the Airman Resiliency Program, a training program designed to increase resilience and enhance performance in Airmen, family members and civilians.

"The effects of being at war for 10 years, both the psychological effects of deployment and the family issues involved with deployment, are serious concerns for the armed forces," Hackett said. "As an applied researcher, I am very excited and proud to have taken part in this session. I hope that it is implemented in a way that betters the lives of our service members and their families."

According to the Moody Air Force Base, the program's goal is to "create a framework of resilience which addresses the four domains of wellbeing - mental, social, spiritual and physical." Training includes problem solving techniques, character building exercises and strengthening communications skills.

Hackett taught at the U.S. Air Force Academy prior to coming to UHD and has maintained collaborative relationships with his USAFA colleagues, which lead to the invitation to the planning session.