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UHD Partners With Excelencia in Education to Help Students Thrive

Excelencia in Education believes institutional transformation begins with data. UHD has joined a partnership with Excelencia and other institutions to help create an environment where all students thrive.

UHD is one of 13 universities participating in Excelencia's second Evidence-Based Practices Institute this year, held on June 6, 13, and 20, focusing on demonstrating the impact of institutional efforts to intentionally serve Latino students through evidence-based practices. The 13 institutional teams are learning elements of program evaluation directly from representatives of Seal of Excelencia-certified institutions and from programs recognized as Examples of Excelencia.

EIE-logoUHD participants include Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Deborah E. Bordelon, Ph.D.; Vice President for Enrollment Management Daniel Villanueva, Ph.D.; Assistant Vice President for Presidential Affairs and Constituent Relations Liza Alonzo, Ph.D.; Executive Director for Academic Affairs Emily Leffler; and Director of Institutional Data Analytics Mikayel Yegiyan.

To date, 32 colleges and universities across the country have committed to Latino student success by participating in Excelencia in Education’s Technical Assistance Institutes. Through the Institutes, Excelencia meets institutions where they are on their transformation journey to more intentionally serve Latino students—and all students—by offering campus teams dedicated time and space to learn and share strategies that align student success efforts across data, practice, and leadership. 

eie square sealUltimately, the participating institutions seek to earn the Seal of Excelencia. According to Deborah Santiago, CEO, Excelencia in Education, “Accelerating Latino student success requires institutions go beyond enrollment and show intentionality and impact in SERVING students. Seal of Excelencia certified institutions set the pace for much needed institutional transformation and are confronting structural barriers and inequities of longstanding.”

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