12:40 PM

Journeys to UHD with Dean Fulton

DFultonHeadshotDean DoVeanna Fulton is excited to lead the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and wants to share her journey to UHD with students.

Being a first generation college graduate herself, Dean Fulton understands the joys and struggles that many of our first generation college students experience. She wishes to connect with students on a personal level by sharing her story with students so they will understand the importance of their own stories. Through listening to her story, Dean Fulton hopes that students will be open to possibilities and take advantage of opportunities. She desires for students to identify a passion and use this to lead their educational pursuit and guide them towards their career path.

She visited Associate Professor Peter Li's United States government class and Associate Professor Andrew Pavelich's modern philosophy class this past spring and looks forward to visiting more classes in fall 2013.

If you are in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and wish to have Dean Fulton visit your class, please visit the College of Humanities and Social Sciences website for further details.