15:04 PM

Interim President's Message to Students: Parking Rates, Fees

Dear Gators,

Although I recently joined UHD as Interim President, I’ve been particularly impressed by your accomplishments. You have quickly adapted to online learning and successfully completed the recent spring and summer semesters … no easy feat considering the many challenges our community is facing.

Now, fall is around the corner. It’s the start of a new academic year and no doubt the beginning of a new chapter in your time at UHD.

Our university, like so many other institutions of higher learning, remains challenged by the ongoing pandemic. Presently, we are working to prepare campus for your eventual return, but first, we must assess conditions locally and throughout the region.

A recent message indicated that you will be notified by Aug. 7 regarding Fall 2020. I am holding our university to that commitment. You will be informed as soon as we determine the safest and most effective path forward for all of us this fall. Until that time, you are encouraged to submit any questions to Coronavirus@uhd.edu.

Some details I can share at this time are the following:

• Two Fees Waived: The University will automatically waive the University Center Fee and the International Education Fee for the fall semester.

• Reduced Parking Rates: UHD will reduce student parking rates for the fall semester by 50 percent. If you are enrolled in face-to-face, hybrid or even online interactive courses and will be using university parking, this will mean savings during the upcoming session.

These are a few cost-saving initiatives I am pleased to share with all of you. I realize that many of you still face challenges, but remember that we’re in this together. Our faculty and staff are working around the clock to ensure you will receive the education you deserve in an environment that is safe.

Thank you for your patience and your commitment to UHD!

Have an outstanding week and stay healthy.

Dr. Antonio D. Tillis
Interim President
University of Houston-Downtown