09:37 AM

Industry Leader Speaks to CIET Students About Successful Careers

The Department of Engineering Technology welcomed Michael Norris, associate director for Global Automation Engineering at Lyondellbasell, on Wednesday, March 27, when he spoke to students about "Successful Careers in Control Systems".

Norris, a chemical engineer with specialization in control systems, talked about Lyondellbasell, his career path and provided advice on how to become a successful professional engineer. His presentation could be summarized by the following points:

  1. Develop career goals early in your career
  2. Communicate your goals to your manager
  3. Develop a plan for achieving your goals
  4. Build a network within your company
  5. Indentify sponsors to give you career guidance
  6. Be willing to try different things
  7. Focus on results

Norris is an active member of the Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC) for the Control and Instrumentation program and has been the catalyst for Lyondellbasell's donation of a distributed control system to UHD.

"We are very thankful to have such partners that make a positive impact on our students' lives" said Vassilios Tzouanas, assistant professor in the Control and Instrumentation Engineering Technology program.

Norris said, "LyondellBasell is dedicated to enriching education at all levels of learning at UHD."

For more information on the Control and Instrumentation Engineering Technology Program contact Weining Feng at fengw@uhd.edu or Vassilios Tzouanas at TzouanasV@uhd.edu, call 713-221-8089.