03:41 PM

Houston First Approves International Coffee Building Contract

Source: Buffalo Bayou Partnership

Artist's rendering for the International Coffee Building redevelopment.

We are pleased (and very excited) to let you all know that the Houston First board of directors approved the BBP/Houston First contract for the International Coffee Building redevelopment. As you all know, this has been an extremely difficult project for our organization due to many factors. This successful outcome with Houston First is a win/win for both entities and most of all for Buffalo Bayou and downtown Houston.

We will be reporting on our next steps at our June 1 board meeting.

The restoration of the International Coffee Building is central to the Allen's Landing revitalization project. The building is one of the few remaining industrial buildings on Buffalo Bayou and a contributing structure within downtown's Main Street/Market Square Historic District.

The International Coffee Building was built in 1910 as an annex to the 1880's William Cleveland and Son's wholesale grocer supply building and functioned as a coffee roasting company.