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Holiday Security Reminders from the Security Management Program

Holiday-Safety-Tips-610x225While the holidays are a time for celebration, there are always those who look to take advantage of others. The Institute for Security Executives and the Master of Security Management for Executives Program would like to remind you of ways to stay safe this holiday season. Check out these tips below!

Safety At Home-

  • If your Christmas tree is near a window, keep a minimum number of lower-value items under the tree. Thieves like to look through windows to assess the value of presents.
  • Keep car, home and garage doors and windows locked.
  • If you are going to be away from home, consider a house sitter.
  • A dark house looks like an empty house. Keep your porch lights on at night and randomly turn on some lower level interior lamps.
  • Break down the large boxes that held expensive electronics and computers before putting them in the trash.

When You Are Out and About:

  • When you can, try to shop earlier in the day. You may be able to park closer to the doors, which means less walking when you have your arms full of packages.
  • Alert people are less likely to be targeted by thieves. Walk with purpose and smile at people when you see them.
  • If you are planning to purchase expensive items, make that your last stop in the mall or ask the clerk to keep your items until you leave the mall. Once you have the jewelry or other items in your possession, put them inside another bag that does not attract as much attention.
  • Do not leave bags and parcels on the car seat or in the open. Use a dark blanket to cover the items in your vehicle.
  • Don't be the last person to leave the store.
  • Try not to carry so many things that you become distracted trying to hold on to them.
  • If you have small children, try not to take them on shopping trips. Having to watch them and be fully aware of your surroundings simultaneously is difficult.
  • Shop with a buddy when you can. Two people are almost always better than one and you will not be a "lone easy target."
  • Many malls offer a security escort to your car -- take advantage of this service.
  • In the event you need to valet park, only give the valet your car key. Detach your house key from the ring and keep it with you.
  • Do not valet park with expensive gifts in your car.
  • If you see an uncomfortable situation or feel uncomfortable, leave or go back into the store right away.